v. burned burnt, burn•ing,
1) to consume fuel and give off heat, gases, and usu. light; be on fire
2) chem.
a) to undergo combustion; oxidize
b) to undergo fission or fusion
3) (of a fireplace, furnace, etc.) to contain a fire
4) to give off light; glow brightly:
The lights burned all night[/ex]
5) to be hot:
The pavement burned in the noon sun[/ex]
6) to produce or feel sharp pain or a stinging sensation:
The whiskey burned in his throat[/ex]
7) to be injured, damaged, scorched, or destroyed by fire, heat, or acid
8) to feel extreme anger
9) to feel strong emotion:
to burn with desire[/ex]
10) to sunburn
11) sts Slang. to die in an electric chair
12) to be engraved by or as if by burning:
His words burned into her heart[/ex]
13) to cause to undergo combustion or be consumed partly or wholly by fire
14) to use as fuel or as a source of light:
to burn coal[/ex]
15) to sunburn
16) to injure, damage, scorch, or destroy with or as if with fire
17) to execute by burning at the stake
18) to produce with or as if with fire:
to burn a hole[/ex]
19) to cause sharp pain or a stinging sensation in:
The iodine burned his cut[/ex]
20) sts Slang. to cheat, deceive, or swindle:
burned by a phony stock deal[/ex]
21) cmp to record data on (a compact disc)
22) phv burn down, to burn to the ground
23) phv burn in
a) pht (in printing from a photographic negative) to expose (parts of an image) to more light for increased density
b) cmp to run (a new computer or other electronic system) continuously for several hours or days, as a test of quality before delivery to the purchaser
24) phv burn off, (of morning mist) to be dissipated by the warmth of the rising sun
25) cvb burn out
a) phv to cease operating or functioning because of heat, friction, or lack of fuel
b) phv to deprive of a place to live, work, etc., by reason of fire
c) phv to exhaust (oneself) or become exhausted or apathetic through overwork, stress, or intense activity
26) burn up
a) phv to burn completely
b) Informal. to make or become angry
27) a burned place or area
28) pat an injury caused by heat, abnormal cold, chemicals, poison gas, or electricity, and characterized by a painful reddening and swelling of the epidermis
(first-degree burn), damage extending into the dermis, usu. with blistering(second-degree burn) or destruction of the epidermis and dermis extending into the deeper tissue(third-degree burn).
29) the process or an instance of burning or baking, as in brickmaking
30) rkt the firing of a rocket engine
31) sts Slang. a swindle
Etymology: bef. 900; ME bernen, brennen, OE beornan (intrans.) burn′a•ble, adj. II
[[t]bɜrn[/t]] n. Scot.
scot. a brook or rivulet
Etymology: bef. 900; ME b(o)urne, OE burna, brunna brook

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